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HPDE Lapping Days


Mission Raceway offers many lapping and track days where you can get in one of our sports racers and just drive.  It’s easy.  Just arrive and you can drive!  No competition license is necessary.  We can provide you with a helmet and some direction and away you go. 


Novice Licensing


Just completed your driver training and are looking to proceed to your novice licensing program?  It’s easy.  We just sign you up for three SCCBC novice races.  We provide the car and direction to ensure you get through and graduate to the next level.  At this point you should have all of your personal safety equipment.


Race Weekends


One, two or three day weekends are available.  SCCBC competition license required.  Arrive with all your personal safety gear.  We do everything else.  Driver coaching provided if needed.  Keep your senior license valid by entering races yearly.



Full Race Seasons


The best way to get the most out of your experience is to have lots of seat time.  Working together for an entire season and setting the car up to your specifications is the best way to get the most speed out of you and the car.  Stock set up or super modified set up.


Prices starting at $12 000.00 and Up +Deposit


Moving Forward

We are always looking for marketing partners to utilize available space on our trailers, race cars and uniforms. Crew people, services and product are always welcome. Running a championship team is a huge endeavor, join us and enjoy success!


Contact Shane for more info.

2020 Season

Lapping Days   Mission​​

1. March 26 

2. April 3

3. April 29

4. June 10

5. Sept 9

6. Oct 15

7. Nov 5

Practice Days   Mission

1. April 15  2020

2. July 8

Next Race

Race Date:  July 27-28 2020​​


 Mission Race Park

Type: CACC Race #3 


Circuit Length:  2.25 km

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